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Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety

High dental fear is reportedly affecting one in every six Australian adults, a condition that’s very prevalent among the many people in Western countries. In fact, the middle-aged women happen to have the highest dental fear with approximately one in three individuals experiencing it.

With many negative consequences attached to dental fear to all parties from the patients, family, relatives and medical staff, it’s imperative to manage this fear.

What’s its nature?

Before you embark on implementing the right management tools for this kind of fear, there is need to be aware of the nature of dental fear that one has. Although, the nature of dental anxiety is somehow complex than what many think to be.

To start with, how you perceive the dental clinic environment will affect your appetite for dental fear and this is a good research and documented evidence by top surgeons in the US and around the world.

social fearFurther, when you’re suffering from a social phobia or a fear of social interaction, an obsessive-compulsive disorder which is fear of germs and or fear of safety away from home, are key contributors to dental anxiety.

Indeed, if you are a victim of psychological depression, there’s likelihood of increased skips to dental clinic resulting in dental anxiety. So managing depression is a key way to regulate dental phobia.

How do you manage Dental Anxiety?

Ensuring your conversation with the dental patient is filled with trust and strives to control fear by giving information that assures smooth operation and allowing ideal rests. This will manage the phobia.


Effective management of dental fear among patients is one of the many challenges Dental professionals are facing. In fact, in some cases, patients avoid coming to dental clinics on grounds of such fear which may worsen with time. This results in a very worse problem that requires a more intense and a professional traumatic care. This is where the vicious cycle of dental anxiety is born if not managed. Dentists in dental centre in Burwood, Sydney are here to give advice about the condition, manage and take away the fear, and keep the encouragement to give the best dental services they have. For more information, just click on the link.

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